This is pretty exciting news- Seth Dillon, the CEO of the incredibly popular Babylon Bee website, is coming to Billings, Montana in February.

The Babylon Bee is satire, but somehow you get more factual information and insight out of them and their comedy than you do out of the rest of the mainstream media combined.

Given all the crazy news we've had to endure over the past few years- the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, the don't you dare you question the COVID lockdown propaganda censorship and more- I think the Babylon Bee helped us all surviving this nonsense by giving us a way to laugh at all of the fake news media.

Seth Dillon will headline a fundraiser for Billings Christian School (BCS) coming up in February. Click here to purchase tickets or an entire table for your friends.

I caught up with Seth Dillon last week ahead of his visit. We talked about how the Babylon Bee got suspended from Twitter, and one of the Babylon Bee headlines dealing with Hunter Biden refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena.

Seth Dillon: It's amazing how protective of Hunter the media has been, and that was again- you go back to why Twitter needed to be set free. The media wasn't even reporting on it- was refusing to report on his laptop story. The New York Post was the only one willing to do it, and they ended up getting suspended for it. So it wasn't just comedy that was being blocked, it was actually factual reporting the narrative guardians didn't want to get to slip through and get to the public. It's been a crazy time in the last few years- doing comedy in a time when speech is being suppressed is definitely challenging.

One of the reasons Lindsey French said BCS wanted to bring Seth Dillon to town is because of the fact that the Babylon Bee stood their ground and didn't cave to the censorship regime that existed at Twitter before Elon Musk took over.

Seth Dillon: It was costly saying no, but we we knew that somebody at some point needed to finally stop playing this game and censoring themselves so that they can keep access on these platforms- we refuse to do that. Elon really respected that. When we talked with him and he ended up restoring us, he said it took a lot of integrity to stand our ground and refuse to do that. We were grateful for that recognition, but we had no idea that Elon was gonna buy this thing and set it free. We did it just because we thought it was the right thing to do.


Full audio with Seth Dillon is below.


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