It's been 36 years today for the Flakes and wow, how things have changed! We heard from a lot of people whose paths have crossed with ours. It was great to reminisce and think of all the things that are etched in our listeners' hearts and minds. Things are so different now with technology, apps, and the cell phone world we live in. The one thing that hasn't changed, at least for me, is the desire to give you something that makes it worth turning the radio on. If it was just the same as everywhere else, we wouldn't be here.

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Your generosity over the years has also had a huge impact on our 406 area. All of our projects and efforts are fueled by you and your loyalty, so thank you. I often think about what our last day will be like when we decide to say goodbye. I'm going to warn all of you that I will probably cry like a baby. Yes, me – the tough old weathered rancher – will probably let the emotions take over.

We have so much to be grateful for over the last 36 years, and it's hard to thank everyone but know this: I, for one, am very grateful for all of the support and love you have shown the Flakes over the years. We've done it differently than most and took many chances over the years with our convictions, but it was honest and genuine. We were proud to be the voice of so many – right or wrong, good or bad – it was all original. Thank you for the best 36 years anyone in our business could possibly have, and we still have a little gas left in the tank...

See you Monday at 5!

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