Are We Ready For A War?

What are we doing to our U.S. military? Do you really think now that we are ready? Could we fight a war in two separate regions anymore? Are people entering the military at the same rate? Well, there is an old saying that poop rolls downhill.

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Our Government

Leadership is responsible. This administration has taken us from the most feared and modernly advanced to now running on fumes and our adversaries know it and that's why they're on the move.

China, the obvious threat, is passing us by with its nuclear program, its navy, and its modernization. We on the other hand are worried about inclusion, diversity, and gender transition assistance for our members.

Almost every Democrat voted against the National Defense Authorization Act that would have boosted pay by 5.2% for the most important people this country needs. Why the opposition? It would prohibit the taxpayers from paying for gender reassignment surgery and gender hormone therapy for military members who want to become one or the other.

No wonder people don't want to enlist. We used to train to protect and serve, no matter the cost, and people volunteered to do it. The military is now lost and needs new leadership and direction to become what we use to know would keep us safe and keep peace in the world.

Military blood is all the same color and sex and diversity priorities for the world's greatest military will make us weak and vulnerable and our enemies know it...

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