So who really owns Yellowstone? All of these new rules and regulations that are implemented that we have no say in.

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New rules are in place now for snowmobiling in the park. All kinds of testing and certification are now required. Certain types and years of sleds and day passes. This is way too complicated, folks.

What about people who have been going there for years? Do they have to be tested too after all their years of experience? Same thing with the rivers and lakes, all kinds of rules are in place with different restrictions that they come up with every year.

Why all the changes? I get wildlife management. For instance this year they had to dramatically reduce the number of mule deer doe tags. Makes sense with the combination of the winter and drought but experienced hunters didn't have to take a new certification course to make sure they know how to hunt properly.

It seems to me this is all about more control. None of these new laws are passed by Congress or your local legislatures either. These things are crafted by the people that Government agencies put in place.

Those people have to fit the agendas of these parties or they have no say. If thirty thousand people a day can visit the Park in the summer with no restrictions including a thousand loud Harley Davidson bikes... then the same should be afforded to the snowmobilers in the winter.

There is less human pressure on the wildlife in the Winter than tourists put on them in the Summer.

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