Robbery After Robbery

It was the result of some great police work, good eyewitnesses, and surveillance cameras that led to a good outcome. After the parking lot robbery at Scheels, the police were able to piece together the video which led to the arrest of a career crook. She had priors with felony convictions and was on the streets again.

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Here's the point.

They still don't have any clue whose cocaine was at the White House two weeks ago. Now, the Billings police were able to use neighborhood cameras for God's sake to nail this crook down. Can you imagine the sophisticated stuff they have in the White House? All of their agents are randomly drug tested as well as the staff.

The Library has limited access. They have complete guest lists of people who are there and the times they are in the building. With testing fingerprinting, DNA stuff, and all the secret crap that the FBI and Secret Service have we still don't have a clue where it came from.

Also, keep in mind that all visitors are subjected to detectors, a machine that looks for dangerous chemicals and powders, drug dogs, etc. The only ones who are not subjected to that are the residents who enter in a different fashion.

So why is so difficult to nail down who it was when you have the best of the best available and the Billings police can use a neighborhood watch camera on Terry Avenue to get their guy? Hmm, all sounds believable to me. Maybe they should start with "Does anyone have any priors?" and go from there...

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