The Montana Family Foundation's Jeff Laszloffy touted Montana's recognition, alongside North Dakota, as the most "pro-family" state in the nation.

As we previously reported, this designation came from an organization called the Family Policy Alliance which looked at the pro-family policies put on the books during recent legislative sessions in Montana and North Dakota.

During a recent weekly legislative update, Laszloffy highlighted.

Laszloffy: This past legislative session, we engaged on 43 pro-family bills and testified in 105 legislative hearings. It was a team effort and included the Montana Family Foundation, our strategic partners, pro family legislators, and Governor Gianforte- who signed all of our bills. It was without a doubt the most pro family legislative session in Montana history.


Here's what Laszloffy had to say specifically regarding the designation given to Montana and North Dakota.

Laszloffy: It was a high honor and recognized the important role that strong families play in raising healthy, well adjusted kids- and then in turn the role that those kids play in maintaining a strong and healthy society.


In the latest legislative update, Laszloffy praised the efforts of pregnancy care centers like LaVie in Billings. He talked about the LaVie banquet the night before.

Laszloffy: For those who may not know, LaVie is one of many pregnancy care centers across Montana that provide pregnancy testing, counseling, support services, and ultrasounds to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies...Throughout the evening, we heard real life testimonies of patients who received serious health care, compassion, concrete support, and ultimately hope when they walked through LaVie's doors.

Click here for all of the legislative updates produced by the Montana Family Foundation.


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