Are we living in China or Billings, Montana? It's come to our attention that you can not only hand out candy at our parades but you are not allowed to hand out American flags to wave if you're in the parade. Then arrest me.

To ensure that every reader has the opportunity to form their own opinion on this matter, read the Downtown Billings Alliance Parade Instructions HERE and the DBA Press Release explaining the change HERE.

I saw pictures from the big St. Patty's Day parade in Butte and they were defying overbearing rule in Billings by handing out flags. God forbid you give a Tootsie Roll to a 5-year-old and make them smile. Or maybe a small flag to wave and start the process of loving America. Nope...absolutely not...

Remember the famous slogan "Not in our town"? Wow, is that true? Who's going to arrest me? They still throw candy and hand out flags at some of the biggest parades in the largest cities in America... but not here.

You Flakes are just troublemakers, mind your own business; we'll make the rules around here so just fall in line. Well, screw you. We are all ready to infiltrate the next parade and are getting a lot of people on board to rally and help. We'll have more flags than they can count. We want the Downtown Billings Association to arrest us. Then we can go national and make it a huge story. We want them to have egg on their faces for this.

We need more people to be proud of their country and celebrate it and don't kill our freedoms. Yeah, I know it's time for Mark and Paul to go, and we'll run things around here. I know, but we are going out kicking and fighting for what's right. Plus, I think more people will back the Flakes than you crazies...

See you Monday at 5.

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