There's a first time for everything.

It's neat to see a lot of the photos that people took while we were in Mexico. This year we had about 60 people that have never traveled with us before. For many of them, it was a trip filled with firsts. Many were able to see turtles for the first time. Many of them have never snorkeled before and experienced that for the first time as well.

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Flakes trying new things.

I've been to Mexico at least 15 times now and I still experienced a first. Every morning at 10 they had a yoga instructor come to the beach and lead yoga. I have never done that in all my years so I decided to try it. I thought going in I should be ok since I have been religiously doing my rowing machine since October 1.

Boy, was I wrong. I was using muscles that I had not used for a long time, or at least a demanding use of those muscles. I learned all kinds of things about child pose and doggy do or whatever in the hell it's called.

Lessons learned.

I also learned that my hamstrings need to be stretched more often. They were really sore the next day. I also learned now that I have more appreciation for those individuals who do yoga a couple to three times a week. That 60 minutes on the beach with that instructor taught me I am not in as good of shape as I should be. Strength is perfectly fine. Limberness and flexibility are not anywhere close. Maybe next year I'll be able to go three times if I work on it...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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