The power was out Wednesday morning, and we were late getting our morning shows on the air- but I got to have breakfast with the Flakes, so I'll chalk that up for a win.

When I showed up at the Doubletree Hotel the west side of 27th Street in downtown Billings was lights on, the Doubletree and everything on the east side of 27th Street through the Billings Heights was lights off. So I hung out in the lobby with Mark Wilson, Paul Mushaben, the flight attendants, and whoever else was hanging around.

Paul looked over and saw that the lights were on at Stella's Restaurant and said- let's grab a cinnamon roll and wait over there (they must have been on the emergency power connected to the Post Office).

Here's what we all would've talked about on the radio if the power wasn't out Wednesday morning. (Although we did eventually make it back on air)

Obviously the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas would have been one of the top stories. Given the invasion Mayorkas is allowing to take place on our southern border how in the world could 4 Republicans vote against impeachment? Paul Mushaben, one of the Breakfast Flakes on Cat Country 102.9 in Billings, made a great point about how one of the Republicans changed his yes vote to a no so that the impeachment effort could be brought back up on the House floor at a later date. Let's hope that happens. Mayorkas deserves it.

Here's what we ended up talking about over breakfast with the Flakes instead: 

Paul made a great point about the power outage and asking where we are going to find power in the future, especially with the radical environmentalists attacking Colstrip, the proposed natural gas plant in Laurel, and the hydropower dams in the Pacific Northwest. I joked about how people on Facebook were asking if the Communist Chinese were behind the power outage, especially given the warning from the FBI Director on Capitol Hill last week.

Oh yeah- and thanks to Paul for buying breakfast!

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