Hard to impress.

For all of you that have listened to us for the past 36 years you know it takes a lot to impress me. I'm sorry, but I have high expectations of people and don't like people who slide by or excuses.

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But pleasantly surprised.

Today, we had Dr. Erwin Garcia on our show for a one-hour interview and the new superintendent of schools impressed me with his approach. He has great concern for the students and their future.

Please listen to the podcast and I think you will agree. His attention to special needs students and security needs for the district was very comforting. He really comes off as a leader that will keep his door open to the public, he wants to know your concerns and all of you can leave comments and questions on their website and he'll respond.

Addressing some concerns.

Personally, I think we did the school district a favor by introducing him to you folks and giving you some insight into your concerns for the new man on campus. I really wish that more people would come in and discuss issues instead of being intimidated for one reason or another.

If you listened, I think you would agree that my questions were very relevant to the times we're in. We can't be bullied and take a person's responsibility for the taxpayers they work for very seriously. He's very genuine and honest and I like that.

Now if only Jon Tester would come in and take some heat....

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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