Most Valuable Crops Grown In Montana

When it comes to the economy in Montana, agriculture has a huge part in our economy.

When you have as much land as we have, you're going to find ways to utilize it and make a profit from it.

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When it comes the crops that Montana grows, most people immediately think of wheat.

Montana is one of the biggest producers and exporters of wheat in America.

Heck, part of the state is referred to as the "Golden Triangle" due to the amount of wheat it produces.

The golden part of the name comes from the amber waves of grain that appear golden just before harvest, and it's one of the prettiest sights you'll ever see.

A field of wheat just before harvest at sunset

Wheat Production in Montana

Now for as much wheat as Montana produces, which in 2022 was over $830 million, we aren't the number one producer of wheat in America.

We were the 3rd biggest producer behind Kansas (2.4 Billion) and North Dakota (1.8 Billion).

However, there are two crops that Montana is the top producer of in America.

A farmer runs their hands over chickpea plants in the field


Montana is the top producer of Chickpeas in America.

In 2022 we produced and exported 43 million dollars putting us over the second highest producer, Washington, by just over 18 million dollars.

So, what is the other crop that Montana can lay claim to as the top producer in America?

Rows of Lentil plants in a field


In 2022 Montana produced just over 63 million dollars of lentils which was almost 30 million dollars more than the second biggest producer North Dakota.

Check out the gallery below to see some of the other most valuable crops Montana is responsible for. 👇

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