Is Matt Rosendale A Secret Democrat Plant?

I'll be honest, I love a good conspiracy theory, and this has the makings of a good one.

It seems that some Republicans are starting to whisper that Montana Representative Matt Rosendale is working with the Democrats in secret.

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The big news out of Washington, DC, is that Kevin McCarthy has now decided to retire from politics and move back into the private sector.

The story of Kevin McCarthy over the past year cannot be told without mentioning Matt Rosendale.

This past January, Rosendale was one of many who kept voting against McCarthy to be speaker of the House, once even turning down a phone call from former President Trump.

Vote For Speaker Of The House Stretches Into Fourth Day
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The New Theory Surrounding Matt Rosendale

In October of this year, after Matt Gaetz filed a motion to vacate the House speakership, Matt Rosendale, along with every Democrat and seven other Republicans, voted for his removal.

Because of those actions, some in the GOP are starting to believe he's secretly working with Chuck Schumer.

Rosendale has spoken out against top Republicans before, telling Bradley Warren of KURL 8 in Billings,

I am certain of two things, number one Jon Tester will be replaced next year, and number two the voters of Montana are going to make that decision, not Mitch McConnell and the D.C. cartel.

That was in response to being asked if he planned on running for Senate against Tim Sheehy for the Republican nomination.

The 2024 United States Senate election in Montana is looking like it's going to get pretty wild.

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