No Cheering At A High School Sporting Event In Montana?

It's hard to believe that headline, especially in Montana.  But yes, an event is coming that won't allow cheering for your team or your favorite player.  Even coaches are encouraged to limit the amount of interaction with their respective teams and players.

However, this isn't limited to this event, or even Montana.  Apparently, this is a throwback of sorts, but it still seems a little confusing.  Or maybe a lot of confusing.

Silent Saturday Leading To No Cheering For High School Teams

I had to look it up.  I had never heard of Silent Saturday in sports.  Religion, sure.  But never in the realm of a high school sports game.  Or any after-school activity during my school years for the matter.  According to the AYSO website, the idea behind Silent Saturday is:

a throwback to the old schoolyard days when kids would congregate after school and on weekends just to play all day, without regard to who was winning and repercussions for poor play and decision-making.

Sorry, but that is a load for the manure spreader.  I grew up playing soccer during recess, during lunch, after school, at friend's homes, and in my own backyard.  Never once, never did we play without regard to who was going to win and who was terrible at the game.  It was cutthroat at best, with "just rub some dirt on it" often repeated throughout the game.

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The Nuts And Bolts Are What Is Causing The Ruckus In Games

In posts circulating across social media, the following was sent to participants for an upcoming soccer event:

Billings United Soccer Club Facebook
Billings United Soccer Club Facebook

After responses on several sites either in support or totally aghast, the Montana Soccer Referees also offered the following:

Montana Soccer Referees Facebook
Montana Soccer Referees Facebook

Do You Think Silent Saturdays And No Cheering In Montana Will Happen?

While it is yet to be seen how this will work, hopefully, all sides will agree that perhaps some folks do get carried away.  And I don't mean just parents or spectators.  School officials need to be better, coaches need to be better and referees need to be better all together in order to make it work.  Nobody likes a hometown ref calling in favor of their team.  Nobody likes a demeaning comment from the peanut gallery of the stand either.

What's your take on it?  Is Silent Saturday good?  A terrible idea?  Never going to happen?  We would love to have your responses.  Comment and share with our social media, use our app chat feature, or you can always email me here.

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