A few weeks ago, it was looking like Montana skiing was heading for a far-too-soon shutdown for the state's powder hounds. Teton Pass Ski Area on the Rocky Mountain Front was especially hard hit by the "snow drought" and had to suspend operations in early February.

Yet over the past three weeks, more moisture fueling a series of steady, if not spectacular storms, is throwing a lifeline to ski season.

While there are still concerns about the long-term health of Montana's snowpack, there's been enough fresh snow to give hope for some resorts to stay open close to their usual operating end dates.

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West Central Resorts

Lost Trail Powder Mountain woke to a nice surprise Tuesday morning, with the latest storms dropping an additional 4" of powder to freshen the slopes. Although warm temperatures will soften that up by the weekend, Lost Trail has a 55-to-65 inch base and hopes to stay open until April 2nd.

Lost Trail Powder Mountain; Dennis Bragg photo
Lost Trail Powder Mountain; Dennis Bragg photo

Montana Snowbowl has a wide spread of snow, anywhere from 26" at the base to 61" at the summit with terrain 100% open and projected closing date of April 16th if conditions can hold.

Discovery Ski Area has also benefited from the recent storms, with up to 44" machine-groomed snow on top and just under 70% of the terrain open. Projected closing date is still April 7th.

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Northwest Montana Resorts

Whitefish Mountain has been one place where snow hasn't been that big of a concern this season, with over 17 FEET of snow. Now, the resort is projected to operate until April 7th. After another 4" of snow, there is up to an 88" base with all but one trail open.

Blacktail Mountain Ski Area has been a little more sparse this year, but is currently working with a 36" base of machine-groomed snow and a projected end date of April 14th.

Southwest Montana update

Maverick Mountain, which is a favorite "old school" destination, is expected to ave enough snow to last the month, with the last day for boarding and skiing on March 31st.

Bridger Bowl is reporting 57" of packed powder, with an expected closing date set for April 7th.

Big Sky is aiming to operate until April 21st with up to 69" of packed powder and 89% of the trails open.

Central Montana skiing

Showdown Montana, which jumped in to help other resorts that struggled to open this season by honor tickets for other locations, is set to operate until April 2nd and 17" to 37".

Great Divide is scheduled to operate the latest of any Montana ski hill, running until April 28th with 15-to-35" of packed powder if conditions hold.

Southeast Montana

Finally, Red Lodge Mountain is scheduled to close April 14th with 89% of the trails open and a base of 22" to 32".

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