People in the know will tell you that it usually takes at least a couple of weeks for transplanted fish to acclimate to their new environment.

That means we should be right in the wheelhouse for some of the early fish-stocking that has been done so far by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. And while not too many bodies of water in western Montana have reaped the benefits, we'll send you back to one pond that is brimming with good-size new residents.

A couple weeks ago we reported that Montana FWP planted 79 rainbow trout in Beavertail Pond, 27 miles east of Missoula right on Interstate 90. The pond can be found just a few hundred yards north of Beavertail Hill State Park.

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Image courtesy of MT FWP

The trout measured just over 20 inches in length, and came from the Jocko River Trout Hatchery in Arlee. Then almost immediately after we published that useful tidbit, FWP basically doubled down, and released another 80 fish of the same size. Both of those stocking events took place in late March, so here's to a little more favorable weather by the weekend, and some frisky rainbows who should be comfortable in their new surroundings by now.

Beavertail Pond is an awesome little body of water, with numerous openings in the trees and shrubs that allow easy access to shoreline fishing. If you've got kids who are just starting to get into fishing, this is a great place to take them. Only electric trolling motors are allowed on watercraft, and they are seldom-seen, so anglers in their kayaks, canoes, float tubes, etc., need not worry too much about that.

We hope your early spring fishing adventures have been a success so far.

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