The growing demand in popularity of Montana campgrounds is leading to more online reservation opportunities.

Yes, some might say online reservation nuisances, not opportunities. But first-come first-served is getting trickier and more frustrating for those who have just always pulled into that "special spot" of theirs, only to find RESERVED signs posted. Yet, that does not mean those non-reservation opportunities no longer exist entirely for some new entries in the online category.

The Lolo National Forest tells us that this summer, three popular campgrounds in the Seeley Lake Ranger District will offer opportunities for advanced reservations in all or part  of the Seeley Lake, Big Larch and Lake Alva Campgrounds. Big Larch and Lake Alva will begin taking reservations April 24. The opening day for Seeley Lake Campground reservations is delayed until about July 1, due to water system repair work.

Sites at Big Larch and Lake Alva can be reserved from the Friday before Memorial Day, May 24, through the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 3.

In the Lolo National Forest press release, Quinn Carver, District Ranger, Seeley Lake Ranger District, was quoted as saying, “A lot of visitors expect an online reservation system to plan ahead and ensure they have a spot before they get here. Moving some of our campsites provides that opportunity while maintaining the first-come, first-served option for those who enjoy heading out at the spur of the moment.”

The planned new reservation policy looks like this:


Reservable: Loop 2, Loop 3, and Bicycle Sites.

First-Come/First-Served: Loop 1 and Loop 4


Reservable: Loop 1

First-Come/First-Served: Loop 2


All sites reservable

Reservations are expected to fill up fast. Visitors are encouraged to create an account on the website in advance and be logged in and ready to make your reservations starting on April 24.

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