Does anyone have video or photos? Surveillance footage from nearby security cameras?

A woman was arrested Saturday after driving through a group of "religious people" on the sidewalk in downtown Billings, Montana.

What Happened?

According to a social media post by the Billings Police Department Saturday afternoon, "a 55 yo Female deliberately drove at and through a religious group gathered at 6th Ave N/N 27th St several times. The group was on the sidewalk at the time. One person was struck and sustained minor injury."

The Suspect

The suspect is identified as Genevienne Rancuret. Rancuret has been charged with 8 counts of Assault w/ Weapon, Felony Criminal Mischief, and DUI.

When I saw the breaking news alert from KTVQ-TV on Saturday, the headline definitely got my attention. This is a story that would and should generate instant national news attention.

What kind of religious group was targeted by the woman?

As I shared via on Saturday, according to one of my law enforcement sources, apparently it was a sect of anti Jewish "Black Hebrew Israelites" (I know what you're thinking: in Billings, Montana?). ABC News is now reporting that the group is called "Israelis for Christ" and that the FBI is also investigating the incident.

What was the woman's motive?

As ABC News reports, local law enforcement has not yet singled out a motive. According to an updated story by KTVQ-TV, one woman recalled witnessing the scene.

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