Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Montana Governor Greg Gianforte cut the ribbon on Wednesday morning celebrating the opening of the new Amazon Delivery Center in Missoula.

Gianforte visited the KGVO Studio prior to the grand opening ceremony to talk about his visit to Missoula.

Governor Gianforte Explained his Visit to Missoula

“Montana is open for business and today we'll be cutting the ribbon on a new business here in Missoula,” began Governor Gianforte. “Amazon is opening their first facility. I was able to stick a shovel in the ground back in December of 2022 (to start construction). They're now opening up this 72,000-square-foot warehouse facility that comes with over 100 new jobs in Missoula County. So this is good news.”

Gianforte also celebrated the opening of several other new businesses around the state, including one with 500 new jobs in Lewistown and another with 350 new jobs in Butte.

Credit Dennis Bragg
Credit Dennis Bragg

Gianforte Touted his Administration's Efforts to Attract Businesses to Montana

Gianforte said he was a proud Amazon Prime customer and spoke about the effort by the Montana Department of Commerce to attract new businesses to the state.

“People in larger cities have gotten more accustomed to this faster service,” he said. “I know because I'm a prime client and I know most people are. It's just a great convenience. Plus these are great jobs. It's great to see the investment here in Montana. Because of the business attraction work we've done with the Department of Commerce, we have 150 businesses that are in our attraction pipeline. We're not going to win every at-bat, but we're going to win our fair share maybe a little more.”

Gianforte is running for reelection and emphasized the efforts of his administration to bring new business to the state.

Credit: Dennis Bragg
Credit: Dennis Bragg

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Gianforte said he Ran for Election to Attract New Businesses to Montana

“This was the primary reason I ran was to create more good paying jobs and protect our way of life and we're great are thrilled to be able to celebrate that today,” he said. “The facility itself was built by mostly Montana businesses like Dick Anderson Construction and True North Steel. So not only does it create these 100 jobs going forward to create it provided all those construction jobs as well.”

The Amazon Delivery Station is located at 8720 Aluminum Road.

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