A recall involving ground cinnamon contaminated with lead is expanding to Montana, with state officials issuing specific warnings for portions of the spice sold at a popular small-town retailer.

The bulletin from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services was issued Monday, with warnings for consumers to discard any of the contaminated cinnamon, and avoid buying anymore that might have been missed in the initial recall from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The initial recall from the FDA was issued last October and included "Supreme Tradition" ground cinnamon, which has been sold through Family Dollar and Dollar Tree store locations.

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Lead warnings

The FDA issued the recall when inspectors came across what are believed to be lead levels that "may be unsafe" for human consumption. The warnings involved several brands being sold through discount retail stores, where samples had shown higher levels of contamination.

There was a special concern about lead toxicity for children.

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Montana warnings

DPHHS says one of the products, the "Supreme Tradition" label, has been sold at Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree stores across Montana. The retailers have a major presence in the state, especially in smaller towns. But those stores include locations as varied as Missoula to Darby and Dillon in both Western and Eastern Montana.

Why the concern?

State health officials say exposure to lead in the diet can contribute to "adverse health effects", especially in cases where people may already be exposed to lead from other sources, such as drinking water. And they warn exposure doesn't lead to immediate symptoms. DPHHS says kids are especially susceptible to lead problems because their bodies are still developing.

The state is recommending anyone concerned about lead exposure to contact their health provider for testing.

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