If you are "awake" and telling everyone else to "wake up" to what's going in the country and to our politics, then you are probably aware of the push towards a Convention of States.  Our national government is running amok with the spending, and the National Debt is over $34 trillion (that's 34,000,000,000,000 and climbing).  Many believe the People must reign in this spending, and the Convention of States is the vehicle to accomplish this.

I reported on a presentation and panel in mid-March that featured former senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum.  You can clink the link highlighted for details then.  But if you would like a good caring reason for a road trip next week, there are three presentations by the Convention of States Action and how western states can have a major impact.

Courage vs. Status Quo: the Wild West Can Save America

This lively discussion of constitutional issues and government overreach will be held in three states in three days.  Interested?  Pick the day and pick the state.

Monday, May 6th in Gillette WY at the Gillette Public Library

Tuesday, May 7th in Mile City MT at the Miles Community College, rooms 106-107

Wednesday, May 8th in Piedmont SD at the Elk Creek Resort

The presentations and discussions will be led by Mark Meckler, Founder and President of Convention of States Action, and Rick Green, the Founder of Patriot Academy.  The Piedmont get-together will include Tim Barton of Wallbuilders.

Registration is Needed to Attend

The link below is the flyer for this western state tour with a high-tech QR code.  Scan the code on the flyer to register.


If you're not so tech-savvy and into scanning codes, just go to https://conventionofstates.com/surveys/wild-west-tour-may-2024/take

Registering is really easy: just click yes on the location(s) where you will attend, then give your name and email address, then click on the RSVP blue button.  That's it.

This movement will appreciate your attendance and involvement.  A lot is at stake.

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