It's true. Have you ever wanted your own personal warm spring that feeds into a couple of ponds for soaking? That very piece of Montana real estate is for sale and we've never seen anything quite this unique, and it's on nearly 200 acres.

Love to soak and have your own space? That's no problem right now in Montana, but even here this sort of property is pretty rare. It's gorgeous. It's secluded. It's big and private, located in Alder, Montana in Madison County - just a bit down the road from the historic towns of Virginia City and Nevada City. (The Alder Reservoir is located south of the small town of Alder.)

As of this writing, the property is listed with Jack Kaatz with Trails End Land Company, LLC and it really does sound like a personal paradise - if you can afford it. (Considering a small condo in Bozeman can easily cost you over a million bucks, perhaps these nearly 200 acres are actually a Montana bargain!)

Named the "Ruby Lake Ranch", the details in this article were gathered from either the official listing or the Trails End Land Company website. It sounds extraordinary. Now to be clear, nowhere on either listing does it ever say "hot" spring. It's described only as a "warm" spring. Interpret that as you will.

197.46 Acres of paradise. One of the most unique sites in all of Western Montana or anywhere!. A warm spring bubbles from the rocks, gushing hundreds of gallons of mineral rich waters a minute. The magical waters tumbling into a virtual bottomless pool, and then a second pool, unusually large for these types of highly sought, virtually never found, natural features. Crystal clear with incredible mineral rock colors.

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This is the official listing for the property on

  • WHAT: The Ruby Lake Ranch
  • WHERE: Tbd Garden Creek Rd Parcel 9A, Alder, MT 59710
  • HOW BIG: 197.46acre lot
  • PRICE: $1,735,000

This Montana ranch property bounds the Ruby River Reservoir for 1.8 +/- miles along it's east boundary. The Reservoir is an excellent rainbow fishery. Trudau Lake, a small, warm spring lake is situated on the property near the west boundary of the Ruby River Reservoir. The spring flows and cascades down ledges to Ruby River Reservoir.

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