When it comes to songs about men who cheat, the queens of country music have the market locked down.

Sure, there are a few great songs on the topic sung by male artists — Randy Travis, Tracy Lawrence and Brad Paisley come to mind — but on Taste of Country's list of the Top 25 songs about cheating husbands, every single song in the Top 5 comes from one of country music's female legends: Think Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert. Nobody can sing a great woman-scorned country song like them!

In this list of country songs about infidelity, we focused specifically on what happens when husbands (or boyfriends) cheat. There are songs here from the perspective of the wronged woman, songs from the perspective of the man who did the cheating and even songs from the perspective of the person caught in the middle of this love triangle: The other woman.

Some of the artists on this list seem to want to stay with their unfaithful partners (we're looking at you, Tammy Wynette!), but especially in the newer songs, these women have had enough.

There's a wide range of reactions here: Some are taking the high road and waiting for karma to take its course, while some — well, let's just say that if you're going to cheat on Carrie Underwood, you probably shouldn't give her a spare set of keys to your car.

Stand by Your Man? Top 25 Country Songs About Cheating Husbands

From emotional infidelity to full-on affairs, these 25 country songs are all about what happens when men cheat.

In this list, you'll find songs from all three perspectives of the love triangle: The wronged wives, the straying husbands and the affair partners caught in the middle.

Gallery Credit: Carena Liptak

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