Jon Tester has changed. He's not the same man that he was 25 years ago. He hasn't seen his own godson in 6 or 7 years.

That was a story shared by Donald Trump, Jr in Missoula, Montana over the weekend.  Trump is backing Navy SEAL veteran and GOP Senate candidate Tim Sheehy over Tester. He shared the story with permission.

I first spotted this story from The Daily Wire

According to a transcript that I snagged from Donald Trump, Jr.'s speech- he got permission from Josh Smith to share the story. Smith is the owner of the renowned Montana Knife Company. (I actually ran into him down in Vegas for UFC 300 alongside Navy SEAL and podcaster Andy Stumpf- photo below)

Donald Trump, Jr.: "Because the problem is essentially, he was the meat cutter yada, yada, yada 25 years ago. That's what he did, and that's who he was. And you know, he did that stuff. And he's a school teacher, he goes. And then he went to DC, and everything changed. So that Montana meat cutter became I guess the number one recipient of lobbyists dollars in all of Washington. Think about that. Doesn't strike me as the thing that a humble school teacher meat cutter from Montana would be the number one recipient of lobbyists dollars. A moderate votes 100% with the radical agenda of Joe Biden?"

By the way, the NRSC is out with a new ad torching Tester.

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