A popular outdoor apparel company is taking a unique approach to reward its customers when they educate themselves about issues such as diversity and inclusion.

The North Face has created an online course about racial inclusion and allyship. Some people who complete the free course, which is offered to anyone, have a chance at snagging a discount on The North Face products.

How To Take The North Face's Diversity Course

The Allyship in the Outdoors website directs customers to enter an email address to be invited to take the course. From there, the user is taken back the a website from The North Face to begin the session.

"At The North Face, we believe in the power of exploration," the user is told in the course's introduction. "As individuals, professionals and companies who share love for the outdoors and exploration, we also have a responsibility to support spaces where everyone feels like they belong."

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Those taking the Allyship in the Outdoors course are asked to:

  • Step out of their comfort zone
  • Listen to understand the experience of others
  • Challenge their own assumptions

The course is comprised of four interactive modules. The estimated time to complete all four parts is 1 hour.

How To Receive A Discount From The North Face

There are a few things you should know about the discount being offered in connection with the diversity course.

The discount is a flat 20%. The amount does not fluctuate depending on any test scores during the course, but you must answer the questions correctly.

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Even though The North Face is currently headquartered in Denver, the discount is being geographically limited. Those who live in North America can take the course, but are not eligible to get 20% off.

The course is being used to specifically target diversity issues in Europe, but does mention past events that have taken place in the U.S.

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