A few days ago we shared an article about red light cameras in Montana. In the article, the author showed support for having red light cameras.

I disagreed, but the author always writes interesting content- and (SHOCKER)- it's OK to disagree and spark some conversation, so I shared the story on our website.

State Rep. Amy Regier (R-Kalispell) spotted the article as well and shared some great remarks.

First, she takes issue with the assumption that the red light cameras would aid law enforcement.

Rep. Amy Regier: The recent article 'Will Montana add new technology to stop speeding drivers?', attempts to persuade readers that red light cameras (automatic license plate readers) would be very beneficial to law enforcement.  In reality however, the potential for unintended consequences are immense, including privacy issues,  data collection from license plates and potential mass surveillance through facial recognition technology.

She added this when it comes to the bipartisan rejection of House Bill 414 during Montana's Legislative Session in the Spring of 2023:

Rep. Amy Regier: The Montana House Judiciary Committee hearing of HB 414 earlier this year resulted in a bipartisan rejection of this proposal 18-1.  This bill if passed, would have allowed cities or towns to implement cameras at traffic intersections to help enforce traffic laws.  The reality of giving up freedom in the hope of public safety is an idea that doesn't resonate with Montanans. 

What's your take? Send us your thoughts on the app, or you can e-mail aaron (at) montanatalks.com. I, for one, am glad that privacy has become, and continues to be, a bipartisan issue here in Montana.


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