Montana has a Taco Bell Cantina.

Look, we can agree that Taco Bell is not authentic Mexican food, in any way. That doesn't mean (for most of us) that sometimes the Bell hits the spot. One Taco Bell in Montana is a bit of a fast-food restaurant rarity. Butte has the only Taco Bell Cantina in Montana; for that matter, the entire Pacific Northwest.

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How did Butte get a Taco Bell that serves boozy-infused drinks?

We recall hearing about Taco Bell rolling out these unique "Cantina" restaurants a few years ago. Restaurant Business wrote about the growth of the franchise's Cantina concept in 2020, noting around 60 of the special Taco Bells are scattered around the US.

Credit Google My Maps/Taco Bell
Credit Google My Maps/Taco Bell

The company's Cantina Locator reveals the nearest Cantina from Butte is Las Vegas. How they picked Butte, is beyond our scope of research (we're lazy), but we've confirmed this location does have drinks available with liquor. Taco Bell describes the Cantina concept:

A Taco Bell Cantina features an urban restaurant design, open kitchen, custom menu, and specialty alcoholic beverages. Yes, you read that right. A Taco Bell with beer, wine, sangria and twisted Freezes.

Montana NBC reporter Josh Margolis confirmed the Butte Taco Bell Cantina received their liquor license in late December, sharing a post on X that the restaurant was serving strawberry, blue raspberry, and margarita flavors (the Baja Blast alcoholic drink was out-of-order at the moment). A follow-up post shared the prices.

Next time we're in Uptown Butte, we'll have to stop.

Butte is a great town, especially if you enjoy Montana history. I love the old buildings, the hilly streets, the historic mansions, and the personality-filled bars. We'll have to add Butte's Taco Bell Cantina to our list of things to check out next time we're in the Mining City.

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