A fire reportedly broke out early Tuesday morning (2/27) in the small town of Noxon, MT, destroying three businesses in the mountain town near the Montana/Idaho border. Details are limited at press time, but sources indicate the fire was reported at roughly 5:45 am.

The area is no stranger to fire.

Nestled along the Clark Fork River in the rugged, heavily forested terrain of northwestern Montana, this area is certainly familiar with wildfires. Each summer the skies are often filled with smoke. Last season, flames got dangerously close to the outskirts of Noxon.

Toby's Tavern, Noxon Mercantile, and Angry Beaver General store appear to be destroyed. With roughly 200 residents, the census-designated community in Sanders County will surely be impacted by the loss. MontanaRightNow.com reported,

Currently, crews believe the fire started at the Angry Beaver before jumping to the building next door, according to the Sheriff. 

The cause of the blaze remains under investigation. 

We'll update this story if/when more information becomes available.

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Noxon Reservoir to the right. Credit Google Maps
Noxon Reservoir to the right. Credit Google Maps

About Noxon, MT.

Nestled in the pines along MT Hwy 200, Noxon, and the surrounding area of Sanders County is one of the most beautiful places in Montana. Founded as a railroad station for the Northern Pacific Railway in 1883, when the track arrived, it opened up the area for logging and trapping, one of the communities earliest revenue streams.

Tourism is likely the top industry in Noxon nowadays, with plenty of camping, fishing, and hiking opportunities at nearby Noxon Reservoir. Huckleberry hunters test their luck each spring, hoping to score buckets of the valuable berry before the bears and birds get them all.

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