He was with Tim Sheehy in combat. They were both wounded by the same IED (improvised explosive device). Here's another powerful message in support of Navy SEAL veteran and Republican US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy.

Transcript: Tim Sheehy and I served dozens of missions together under constant attack. Tim and I were wounded by the same IED, earning Purple Hearts that same day. Even though Tim was hurt, he was looking out for me. He tended to my wounds, and he got me out safe. Tim is brave. Selfless. A real leader. And Jon Testers attacks on Tim's character are disgusting. Tim Sheehy is a real patriot, and he's exactly who we need in Washington.

By the way, I don't watch much TV so I think I read about this new campaign ad thanks to Montana Public Radio's Sally Mauk. Thanks for flagging!

Earlier this month, the Sheehy camp released another ad from fellow Montana Navy SEAL Bo Reichenbach. Bo grew up in Lockwood before serving in the Navy. Sheehy was there when Bo was wounded. "Tim Sheehy led our unit in Afghanistan. That's why I'm alive today," Reichenbach said in the ad.

This is a big deal for Montanans. We have over 100,000 veterans in the state- not to mention their spouses, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and other family members who know the sacrifices that have been made these past 20-plus years. The fact that his opponent has been so dismissive of Tim Sheehy's service and sacrifice is not a good look for the Democrat Party in Montana.

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