Boom! KaChow! The junior class in Jordan, Montana put together an epic homecoming float before heading into the weekend.

Briana Murnion Dolbear shared photos and video on Facebook, adding:

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man happens to be our favorite blonde volleyball player. Silas was both excited and angry.

Briana also shared video via Facebook. (sharing photos and videos with permission)

It looks like Jordan put on a great display all around. On the Jordan Schools Facebook page you'll see a large American flag that was unfurled during the football game. Turns out, someone captured video of the flag presentation as well.

Check out the following "Homecoming in a Small Town" video around the 5 and a half minute mark. Video posted by KJ Ellington:


Looks like if you want to get out and celebrate homecoming (and America for that matter), you're gonna have to get out to good old small town Montana, especially eastern Montana.

While some high schools are celebrating homecoming, both Montana State University in Bozeman and The University of Montana in Missoula have curtailed homecoming events.

MSU is mainly hosting a "Stay-HOMEcoming" for alumni to participate remotely. It does look like there will be a few on-campus events still taking place for students, including a BBQ, a Hello Walk, and a Homecoming Yardy. They'll also light the M in honor of those impacted by the Bridger Foothills Fire.

The Unversity of Montana is also offering remote options for alumni, but seems to have curtailed most events.


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