It looks like we'll have more than one Montana contestant to cheer for in the upcoming season of American Ninja Warrior. About a month ago we shared the story of a Butte teenager who'll compete in season 14 as they begin taping this month. Now we're learning the story of another Montana resident who will put his skills to the test on the ninja course for all of us viewers at home to see. And he has a pretty incredible backstory that led to his involvement in the show.

How it started

Eric Robbins lives in Kalispell and has had a remarkable last couple of years when it comes to a body transformation. He and his family would watch American Ninja Warrior and his kids would jokingly say that he should be on the show. Eric had high blood pressure, was overweight, and knew there was no way he could do anything like compete in something on the same level as the show. But he had a wake-up call and realized the importance of his health and seeing his kids grow.

How it's going

Eric says he spent twenty years trying different diets and health fads without success. But with hard work and serious dedication over a two-year span, Eric lost 100 lbs and lowered his blood pressure by 70 points. He started by changing his diet and eventually added in the exercise. Fast forward to now and he's started a business called Health ReLaunch, he's working as a health coach, and his company helps people achieve their own health goals.

From a dream to reality

Eric ended up sending in a video to American Ninja Warrior and was working on his skills for about a year in case he got the call. As you can guess, the call did come and Eric is set to head to San Antonio at the end of the week to tape his appearance on the show. He says it's a dream come true to be able to compete on the American Ninja Warrior and he's been working out two to three times a day to prepare for his opportunity. He's even been traveling around the country to try different ninja gyms as part of his preparation.

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What an awesome story! You can watch Eric Robbins tell it in his own words with this Wake Up Montana interview. And keep an eye out for Eric when he appears in the upcoming season of American Ninja Warrior.

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