Labor Day will be here before you know it. The best camp sites have already been reserved. TRUST ME, they have been. But there are a few sites that are open, if you know where they are. A few of them are a bit harder to get to. All are worth it.

1). The back side of Glendo. The farther you drive around the back side of the lake, the fewer people there are. Camping, way out there, is first come first serve. You will have to bring your own water and own toilet - but it is beautiful, and most people don't like driving that far out.

2). Outlaw Cave. Lots of history, thanks to the Hole In The Wall Gang. First come, first serve camping. No water but it has an outhouse. The landscape and the fishing are some of the best in Wyoming.

3). Keyhole State Park. It is a good idea if you call ahead, other than that, it is first come first serve. There are outhouses and a town at the edge of the lake where you can shop for what you need and get a burger. There is even a marina with a restaurant.

4). Pete's Draw. Covered picnic tables, outhouses, and a river to fish in. This is an out of the way place that is beautiful but away from the crowds.

5). Cottonwood Campground. You will love the trees and the hiking. You will love the river. Plenty to see and do and it is rare that the place is full.

There is one place that - I'm sorry - I will not tell you where it is. Probably the best campsite in Wyoming. I use the code name The Six Pack when I talk about it. I'll never use it's real name. In the video, below, I'll show you the site, but that's all. You'll understand when you see the video.


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