Several pregnancy medical clinics across Montana offer young women alternatives to abortion, along with other important medical services like sports physicals, STD testing, and ultrasounds. The Billings-based LaVie just celebrated a major expansion.

Earlier this week, Lavie Health hosted an open house to feature their expanded services now available in downtown Billings. According to a press release prior to the open house, "The medical care clinic for early pregnancies brings together all LaVie services under one roof at 2501 4th Avenue North."
LaVie purchased the property in December 2022, with help from the Gianforte Family Foundation as well as other community family foundations, private donors, faith-based partners, capital campaign contributions, and the sale of LaVie’s Broadwater clinic. A sizable estate gift from former LaVie board member, Jan Kirk, financed much of the renovations.
I spoke with LaVie Health CEO Cindy Nordstog earlier this week and I told her how I really appreciate the fact that LaVie does sports physicals for kids. A young lady can come into LaVie, get a sports physical, and see how impressive the facility is and get an introduction to the various services that LaVie provides. Think about it, if a young lady finds herself in a crisis- in a tough situation- is she likely to ask her parents for help? She's more likely to ask a friend her age for help. What if that friend can point her in a friendly direction instead of somewhere else?
In addition to pregnancy support services that are provided at LaVie, they will also be providing post abortion counseling services to women who are struggling with a past decision to have an abortion and the trauma that can come with that decision.
Cindy Nordstog: “Even though we have an updated look, our mission remains the same. LaVie continues to empower women through compassionate medical care for early pregnancies. We will continue to strive to make a profound impact and create a nurturing community where our patients feel supported and valued."
According to the grand opening press release, "LaVie is the only organization of its kind in Billings, and the largest such nonprofit in Montana, providing care to those facing an unplanned pregnancy. The professional medical office serves families at little or no cost to clients."

Nordstog joined us in studio earlier this week to talk about the new facility and more. Click the below podcast to listen in. 


LaVie Health is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. For more information, call 406-652-4868 or visit



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