She may be the newest representative to serve in the Montana State Legislature, but she's certainly no newbie when it comes to the legislative process and Montana politics.

Sherry Essmann, featured in the photo above alongside all three Yellowstone County Commissioners, was appointed to fill the seat of former Rep. Jimmy Patelis in House District 52.

Patelis resigned his seat in the state house in order to accept a nomination by the governor to serve on the state's parole board. Patelis is a former federal probation and parole officer who can now bring that experience to the state's parole board.

Evelyn Pyburn profiled Rep. Essmann for the Yellowstone County News following her interview and selection by county commissioners:

In the interview Essman told commissioners that she has always been involved with the south side community where she grew up. She said that she was very familiar with the community and wanted to be part of helping it “flourish and prosper.”  She said that she has followed the legislature closely for 14 years. She has testified at hearings and followed specific legislation closely.

Rep. Sherry Essman is not only a former credit union executive, she's also married to former State Senate Majority Leader Jeff Essmann, who also served as Chairman of the Montana Republican Party. KTVQ-TV notes that "House District 52 covers part of south-central Billings that includes Amend Park."

Essmann also intends to run in the 2022 election for the seat as well.


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