She's a rich lawyer who grew up in a wealthy family. So I get it. She wants to virtue signal and make you think she's just like you, so she drives a mini van around on the campaign trail. But what happened to the virtue-signaling electric vehicle (EV) pickup?

Hat tip to Brooke Hudson via Twitter for pointing out this story for us via Twitter.

For background, Monica Tranel is the Democrat candidate for Congress in Montana's Western District. Ryan Zinke is the Republican candidate. Monica Tranel is the general counsel for a group called 350 Montana, which sued the union coal miners in Colstrip, Montana. She also supports the radical Green New Deal style energy policies which are driving up energy prices for Montanans.

Earlier this year, she took to social media bragging about a very expensive electric vehicle that she was driving around. So what happened to it? Is the EV not able to "go the distance" on the long Montana road trips?

What makes this story even more "rich" is that Tranel is a wealthy lawyer who actually can afford a near six-figure electric vehicle pickup truck. Yet, she had the gall to falsely accuse Ryan Zinke, a retired Navy SEAL, of flying to Kalispell on the governor's airplane for a campaign rally. Turns out, Zinke made the drive- and even stopped for pizza in Seeley Lake.

Tranel, meanwhile, tried virtue signaling with the mini van. So what happened to the EV? Did the campaign figure the EV wasn't selling with the voters, so they had to trot out "mini van Monica" instead?

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