A Marine Corps veteran called out the Missoula City Council members who refuse to stand for the pledge of allegiance during weekly city council meetings.

I shared this tweet from the Missoula Current on Monday night:

Military veteran calls out several Missoula City Council members for sitting during Pledge.

All I added was this: "Left wing Missoula city council..."

A couple of the liberal commentators responded by saying I should share the full story. Once I saw that a story was written up, I did just that. And let's just say, the full story is even MORE embarrassing for these Missoula City Council members.

Hats off to Martin Kidston with the Missoula Current for covering this story. I know his politics are to the Left of mine, and that he is a former spokesman for the Montana Democrat Party- but he was right to share this news out of the Missoula City Council.

Check out some of the excerpts detailing why these three council members say they refuse to stand for the flag and the pledge- it's like some woke word salad of crazy Left wing talking points.

“I stand for peace,” Daniel Carlino told the Missoula Current. “I stand for climate justice. I stand for humanity.”

Another council member, Kristen Jordan, says she refuses to stand because of legislation outlawing the word "gay," which is a lie. She then references "BIPOC" people and opposes bans on what she refers to as "essential medical care for trans children." So, in other words- since some people don't want children to get their body parts chopped off, Council Member Jordan refuses to stand for the pledge. Another council member, still photographed wearing a COVID mask, says the overturning of Roe v Wade (even though abortion is still legal) is why she is refusing to stand for the pledge.

Do you think these Missoula City Council members have the Ukraine flag in their social media profiles while they refuse to stand for the American flag? Oh yeah, add in whatever gender pronouns in their profiles too. The Desert Storm and US Marine Corps veteran who called them out is exactly right- these city council members are an embarrassment to Missoula.

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