If you're smart enough to work as a lawyer and you can pass the bar exam- why shouldn't you be able to work as a lawyer in Montana? Additionally, why should biased Justices on the Montana Supreme Court have control over who gets to work as a lawyer? You're basically asking for the Democrat Party to control the lawyers in the state.

One Montanan is looking to change this dynamic, and it's not just any Montanan. Nicole Bennett is just 12 years old and she lives in Red Lodge, Montana. She drafted a ballot initiative to amend Montana's Constitution so that Montana lawyers won't be forced into serving at the mercy of the Montana Supreme Court.

Nicole tells us that one of the reasons she wanted to get involved is because "there are too many people that never get to go into justice in the justice system. And people of modest means don't have access."

Nicole Bennett: I'm looking for 750 volunteers across 40 House districts. We need 10% of 40 House districts, and I need 75,000 signatures. So if we can get 750 people to gather 100 signatures each that will cover the 75,000.


If you want to help out with the signature gathering process, Nicole says you can call the following phone number: 406-231-2033.

According to a story on the Montana Television Network website, the Attorney General has already approved the ballot initiative language. The report added this:

Bennett’s idea surfaced this session in the form of Circle Republican Rep. Jerry Schillinger’s House Bill 965, a proposed constitutional amendment removing Supreme Court rulemaking authority.


Here's the full audio of our chat with Nicole Bennett:

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