Will Montana Republicans and conservatives spend the next several months fighting each other before the June primary, or will they unite and focus on winning important seats?

From the Supreme Court to OPI, State Auditor, and re-election fights from Governor on down- this is election year is massive in Montana.

On Friday, we had big news in the most important US Senate race in the country. First, Congressman Matt Rosendale (R0MT02) announced he would be jumping in to the Republican primary and taking on Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy. Then, hours later President Donald Trump announced he was endorsing Sheehy in the race.

In his Sheehy endorsement, Trump said he would endorse Rosendale IF he decided to stay in his seat in the US House. Many are now wondering if Rosendale will reverse his decision to run for the Senate before the March filing deadline. But, assuming that doesn't happen- it is clear that a lot of party insiders will spend a lot of time and energy on a GOP primary. That's energy that could be directed toward winning two very important Supreme Court seats, not to mention an open seat for the Office of Public Instruction, and most likely an open State Auditor seat if Troy Downing ends up not running for re-election.

Look at all that got accomplished in the last two legislative sessions, especially with the Republican Supermajority in the Montana Legislature and the first Republican Governor (Greg Gianforte) in 16 years. Look at how much of that work simply got tossed in the trashcan by liberal judges and justices who abused their positions of power to block the will of the people through the elected lawmakers.  Do conservatives want to spend the next 4 months fighting each other instead of fighting for fairness on the Supreme Court?

Elsie Arntzen was the first Republican to become the statewide elected (and re-elected) Superintendent of Public Instruction in over 30 years. She is now termed-out. Are conservatives simply going to hand over the schools back to the radical Left and the bureaucracy?

Look, I slightly agree that a primary for the US Senate in Montana could be a good thing for the GOP. It could create excitement around the race- excitement that could then build into a GOP victory in November and the toppling of an entrenched incumbent. But not if a leading Republican spends more time attacking fellow Republicans than the open borders Democrat currently holding the seat.


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