The Montana Freedom Caucus in the state's legislature is calling for a special session of the legislature in order to provide additional property tax relief. All this, as the group says Montana's revenue forecasts are now approaching a surplus nearing $1 billion.

Think about that news for a moment. According to the Montana Freedom Caucus, "Current estimates show that the state will soon have between $800 million and $1 billion above and beyond the excess already accounted for in the 2023 regular session." This would be $1 billion above and beyond the tax relief that was already allocated by the 2023 Montana Legislative Session.

As you may recall, Montana's Republican Supermajority in the state legislature and Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) delivered over $1 billion in tax relief through income tax rate cuts, income tax rebates, and property tax rebates. Rather than creating a budget deficit, Montana is seeing even more economic growth and prosperity and even more revenue into state coffers as a result.

The Montana Freedom Caucus, which is a group of conservative Republicans in both the state house and senate, is now calling for a special session that would lower the state property tax mills as well as pass a Taxpayer Bill of Rights that would rein in the spending of local governments.

Montana Freedom Caucus: During the 2023 legislative session, most Democrats and numerous Republicans voted against common-sense legislation to limit state property tax increases. With a special session, these legislators can vote to support the people of Montana and not stand for bigger government.

The caucus is also calling for additional tax relief to be sent straight back to the taxpayer given the current revenue estimates showing an additional surplus nearing $1 billion.

Montana Freedom Caucus: There is no need to wait until 2025 or later to return excess tax revenue to the taxpayer, or to fix property taxes. Current reserves already safeguard state government against a twenty-year type of recession. Call your representatives and Governor Gianforte’s office and request a special session. The people of Montana are dealing with high inflation and rising costs and deserve to have their money returned.


Click here for the full press release from the Montana Freedom Caucus: attachment-September 4, 2023, MTFC Statement on Property Taxes and Excess Revenues


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