Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) dropped by our radio studios this morning. I was able to catch up with the governor about his proposed budget, get the details of his tax relief plan, and get his take on the GOP controlled legislature now in session.

But you probably already heard about some of that- so let's start with the really juicy stuff: cooking recipes.

The governor is a big sportsman and spent the holidays getting some duck hunting in. So now he tells us he found the perfect recipe for cooking duck, and you can do it in a crockpot!

Gov. Gianforte: Everybody loves to go hunt ducks. I'm one of them, but it's always a problem trying to find a recipe that makes these birds delicious. And I came up with this new one. I call it the Montana Peking duck, and it's really easy. You just take the wild duck breasts, put them in a crock pot, nine ounce jar of Husan sauce- which is a Chinese barbecue sauce- an IPA, cook it for five hours and then with forks shred the breasts just like shredded pork, add the marinade back in with a couple of tablespoons a plum sauce, mix that up, serve it in a flour tortilla with a couple scallions...blow your socks off.

Speaking of duck- I'm hoping you and I will be the lucky ducks following the legislative session. The Governor is proposing tax relief, and the state house and senate leadership want to deliver tax relief too. How do their plans differ? We threw that question to the gov. Listen below.

Full audio of our chat:

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