The Big Sky Conference has proposed their spring football schedule, according to University of Montana Athletic Director Kent Haslam.

Haslam said the press release was a first step in getting players on the field, and possibly fans in the stadium during the COVID 19 pandemic.

“At least nice to be able to see a schedule come out,” said Haslam. “It does start pretty early on February 27, which could have some issues up here in the north country, but its six games spread out over eight weeks. So, at least now we've got we got a schedule to shoot for and something for us to start planning for.”

Haslam laid out the proposed schedule for the Montana Grizzly football team.

“We'll open with two on the road at Northern Arizona and then at Eastern Washington that will be on February 27th and then on March 6th,” he said. “Then we'll have our home opener March 13 against Cal Poly and then take a week off which gives us a chance to potentially make up any games that were lost for COVID reasons. and those first three Then in a twist, we'll twist we'll play Montana State at home on March 27th and then we'll go on the road to Idaho and then finish up with Portland State. Then there's one more bye.”

Haslam said a schedule does not a season make.

“Coming out with a schedule really doesn't necessarily mean we're absolutely playing or that we're playing in front of fans, there's still a lot of things to still be decided before we play,” he said. “But really, as we looked at the schedule, our first goal was to regionalize it as much as possible, so you'll see that there are as many bus trips as we can possibly have, and we've incorporated those in three home games, three road games, but there's still a lot that still has to be determined as we sit here in early November for that first game to take place on February 27. This is just a start.”

If the spring schedule does occur, Haslam spoke about the possible transition into the coming 2021 fall football season.

“That would be our plan is to continue to go right forward with the 2021 season and that is a concern,” he said. “You don't want the spring to disrupt. I'd rather have a really great fall 2021 and kind of a halfway spring 2021 that impacts the fall of 2021. So those are things that we need to work through but the plan is full on in the fall of 2021.”

Further information about Montana's spring season, including ticketing and broadcast details, will be announced in the near future.

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