It's been a BAD couple of weeks for liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT). First, we got the news that Tester was bashing millionaires at a Democrat dinner in Helena...turns out Tester himself is a millionaire. Then, word got out that he has been living VERY high on the hog in Washington- racking up over a million dollars in restaurant bills at some of the fanciest places in D.C.

The bad news kept racking up.

Last week one of the big national stories was the failure of the Silicon Valley Bank in Silicon Valley California. Why do those tech billionaires need bailouts while Montanans are getting hammered by gas prices and inflation? Guess where Jon Tester was last week. That's right, hosting fancy high-dollar fundraisers in Silicon Valley, California with some of the Silicon Valley Bank folks.

I guess they know how the game is played. The elites keep the contributions flowing, and Biden will bail 'em out.

The New York Post had the story on Monday.

Montana Sen. Jon Tester will rub elbows Monday night at a ritzy fundraiser with a partner from Silicon Valley Bank’s legal firm — three days after the California bank suffered the second-largest financial collapse in US history.

The Washington Free Beacon also reported on the fact that Tester was hobnobbing with the radical green energy activist who helped kill the Keystone Pipeline. Tester claims to be FOR the pipeline, but ultimately voted against it.

In the meantime, Fox News also reported that Tester was slapped with an ethics complaint for using his official, taxpayer-funded website to promote his campaign.

Long story short, it has been a VERY bad couple of weeks of news for liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT). And where has most of the Montana media been? That's right. Silent. They'll take cheap shots at Republicans, but won't cover real news on Tester?


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