Despite fentanyl receiving most of the media's attention in recent years, methamphetamine abuse remains a grave concern in Montana, posing significant challenges to individuals, families, and communities. Sadly, meth affects people from all walks of life. The root causes of drug abuse are complex social issues and our vast rural areas, limited law enforcement resources, and readily available narcotics contribute to widespread methamphetamine use in the Treasure State.

Raise your hand if you remember the original "Not Even Once" campaign.

Over a decade ago, the Montana Meth Project rolled out a chilling anti-meth marketing campaign that featured raw scenes depicting various disturbing meth-related scenarios. The ads were shocking and sobering. Since then, the campaign has evolved to include messaging from recovered meth users and how the drug negatively impacted their lives.

Graphic courtesy Montana Meth Project
Graphic courtesy Montana Meth Project

The Montana Meth Project was founded in 2005 with private donations.

The Montana Meth Project has been named the 3rd most effective philanthropy in the world by Barron’s in its global ranking. We spoke with Montana Meth Project Executive Director Amy Rue today (5/11), who shared the background of the organization as well as what direction they are heading as the foundation nears its 20th anniversary. You can take a listen to the full interview below.


Register for Paint the State 2023 by May 31st.

Each year, hundreds of teens and adult artists create large-scale projects across the state. From Browning to Bozeman and every small town in between, you've probably seen the artwork on stand-alone signs or on the side of buildings and barns. Many of these displays last for years. This year, over $100,000 will be awarded to winning artists, with three grand prizes of $10,000 each. Categories include:

  • Teen Division. $10,000 Grand Prize, $5,000 2nd place, and $3,000 3rd place.
  • Adult Divison.  $10,000 Grand Prize, $5,000 2nd place, and $3,000 3rd place.
  • People's Choice.  $10,000 Grand Prize, $5,000 2nd place, and $3,000 3rd place.

You can REGISTER HERE, by May 31st.  Artists have until June 30th to complete their installation. Judging and public voting will take place over the summer, with winners announced by late summer.

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