Montana’s Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen has been celebrating National Voter Registration Day in Helena by urging Montanans to register to vote in the upcoming mid-term election in November.

Jacobsen told us how she spent her day on Monday.

“We started the day by celebrating the United States Constitution and the Daughters of the American Revolution host this event every year in the rotunda and so I was able to be part of that event and celebration and talk about citizenship and voting and part of celebrating our Constitution,” began Secretary Jacobsen.

Jacobsen reminded Montanans there are two ways to vote in Montana.

“We have paper ballots in Montana and folks can decide if they want to vote absentee and have their ballot mailed to them or if they would like to vote in person,” she said. This is Voter Registration Month and today is National Voter Registration Day, so if you're not registered to vote, I encourage you to please register and get ready to vote. Something that I encourage all voters is that if they're voting absentee, to check the My Voter page on our website. If you sent your ballot in and you're voting absentee, you can actually track your ballot to make sure that it's been received by the local election office.”

Jacobsen had guidance for anyone who may be apprehensive about mailing in their ballot.

"If you're concerned at all about mailing your ballot in if you know you have issues with your mail, or there's any concerns there I would suggest just dropping it off right at the local election office or voting in person on election day, either of those options if there's any concerns about it getting there, but certainly track your ballot. Make sure if you're registered absentee, that your address is correct if you've moved."

Jacobsen reminded Missoula voters about the importance of the November general election.

“We've got two congressional seats on the ballot and a Montana Supreme Court seat,” she said. “In addition, there are all of the local races, of course, the legislative races. There are a couple of ballot initiatives that will be on the ballot in November. Our office is in the process of getting ready to send a voter information guide to all of the households that have registered voters, and that will give an opportunity for all the voters to read about the ballot issues and get ready to vote.”

Click here to track your vote. Also, be sure to check out some of the events planned across Montana during National Voter Registration Day.

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