We are simply one vote away from a dangerous gun confiscation bill passing in the United States Senate and being signed into law. That was the warning from Montana's US Senator Steve Daines on Thursday morning, one day after the House Judiciary Committee passed a measure banning semi-automatic rifles.

Senator Daines: We're just one Senate vote away, maybe just two, from the Senate joining forces with the House to move forward with truly gun-grabbing legislation and Biden will sign it in a heartbeat...the Left, they are coming after our guns.


We also talked about Joe Biden announcing his executive actions for what he is calling a "climate crisis." While Biden stopped short of calling it a climate emergency, he did announce executive actions on Wednesday.

Senator Daines: We've got a crisis. I would call it first of all a public approval crisis. That's what Biden has. And the reason Biden has a public approval crisis is because we have an inflation crisis, a gas price crisis, a border crisis, a grocery price crisis...he's doubling down on wind. It's this green, woke, climate crazy agenda that has caused the crisis that we have right now in our country.

Senator Daines also praised the heroic young man in Indiana, the good guy with a gun, who stopped a potential mass shooter in the mall. Full audio:

House GOP Leadership Speaks To The Press
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