I'm with Jeremy Carl on this one. Montana should NOT be intimidated by the liberal mob media and a radical activist judge in Billings.

Instead, Montana should be actively encouraging these Left-wing news outlets to run stories about how Montana is pushing back against this radical Left-wing nonsense. It will send a message to the radical activists on the East and Left coasts to stay the heck out of our state.

Jeremy Carl is a Senior Fellow with the Claremont Institute who lives in Bozeman, Montana. He is hopeful that Montana is not "raising the white flag" of surrender when it comes to transgender birth certificates, and that the administration of Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) will eventually appeal this latest decision from a radical Left-wing judge in Billings, Montana.

Here's part of our conversation.

Aaron Flint: This is a birth certificate. What the state was simply saying is- okay, if you're born a biological male, it'll say that on your birth certificate. If you're born a biological female, it'll say that on your birth certificate. It's a statement of fact, but you can still identify however you want to identify. But what's interesting about this whole transgender debate is that you could be a lesbian tennis player, and if you speak out against this, this transgender push to take away opportunities from girls, they'll attack you. The woke left-wing mob will come after you just just as quickly as they would a Jeremy Carl from the Claremont Institute

Jeremy Carl: Absolutely and you saw this with Martina Navratilova...that's why we should we should push on this among many other reasons, because ultimately it does split their coalition. Because there are people on the other side who, even though we really strongly disagree with them, are not THAT crazy. They aren't going to say two plus two equals five. Those are folks that we want to bring over to our side on this issue. And it really is just pointing out the insanity of what they're trying to do, and for the people trying to do transgender 'care' quote, unquote, ie like surgical mutilation of kids, you know who are 15 or 14- we need to expose that. And the tip of the spear is fighting very publicly on issues like this showing that we're not going to give ground.

Full audio with Jeremy Carl from The Claremont Institute:

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