One year ago we were joined on the radio by Ryan Hall with the Montana Electric Cooperatives Association (MECA). He told us about how a great group of Montanans would be heading to South America to help bring electricity to a village for the first time.

Here we are one year later, and the electric coops have not only braved the South American heat and humidity, but they've also braved wildfires, storms, the coronavirus, and more to help keep the lights on for Montanans back here at home as well.

We're taking our statewide radio talk show 'Montana Talks' back on the road this week for the MECA annual meeting in Great Falls. Join us for our LIVE shows from Great Falls both Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

We'll focus on energy issues with MECA for Tuesday's show. Then on Wednesday, we'll catch up with some other guests from Great Falls. If you have a guest you'd like to recommend joining us on the show drop me an email aaron (at)

(For those of you who need to maintain social distancing, the mic cords stretch out long enough to give you at least 6 feet).

'Montana Talks' takes you statewide at 9 a.m. on the following stations across Montana:

Bozeman: 1450 KMMS

Livingston: 1340 KPRK

Lewistown: 1230AM and 106.9FM

Wolf Point: 92.7FM KVCK

Fort Peck: 107.1FM KVCK

Shelby: 1150AM KSEN

Great Falls102.7FM KINX

Scobey: 95.7FM KCGM

Plentywood: 100.1FM KATQ

You can also listen live on our Montana Talks' smartphone app, or at We also recently started up a podcast with some on-demand audio. Find that by Googling "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint podcast" or click here.

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