It's an incredible honor to get to chat with folks in Bozeman and in Gallatin County every morning on the radio. But something we've been looking forward to for a while now is actually getting to see so many of our great listeners in person.

Coming up this Friday, Montana Talks with Aaron Flint will be LIVE from The GranTree Inn and the Club Tavern and Grill. Tom Egelhoff will also join us for the full show. You can join us as well- just stop down and see us at the GranTree Inn Lobby. You can join us on the microphone, or feel free to drop in and just say hello if you don't want to talk on the radio.

Just like when we open up the phone lines on the show- we'll open up the microphones for the show on Friday. We'll set up starting around 6 a.m. for anyone who wants to drop in, and of course the statewide show kicks off a little after 9 a.m. I'd like to put out a special invite to any post 9-11 veterans to join us as well- especially considering the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks.

Speaking of our post 9-11 veterans, we'll be in town for the Warrior Taste Fest on Friday night benefitting Warriors & Quiet Waters (hope to see you there as well).  Warriors & Quiet Waters, for those who may now know, is an incredible organization which takes wounded warriors (and now their families as well) out on fly fishing and ice fishing trips here in Montana.

Hope to see you Friday.

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