Do I support Black Lives Matter? I support the lowercase black lives matter (because black lives DO matter), but I do not support the official Black Lives Matter movement, which is a radical Marxist element working to overthrow this country.

That's basically what former CIA operations officer Sam Faddis had to say on Thursday's Montana Talks radio show with Aaron Flint. Before his retirement, Faddis headed up the counter weapons of mass destruction unit at the CIA. He now serves as the editor of AND Magazine.

Faddis says Biden will lose, and possibly lose big, but that the radical Left will not stop their attacks because they never cared about the electoral process and elections in the first place. He has a column with this headline: This “Revolution” Is Just Getting Started – It Will Likely Not End In November.

Despite suppression polls and the complicity of most major networks in refusing to cover Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline, the winds are shifting. Fears of COVID-19 are fading. Violence in American cities has turned off a great many Americans to the Democratic Party. Black Americans perhaps most of all are shifting to supporting Donald Trump and a law and order agenda.

Check out our full conversation with Sam Faddis on the "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint podcast" by clicking here.

Many of you are also asking the question, who is paying for all of these violent rioters and protesters? It's pretty obvious that this is an organized effort at this point, right? Here's an excerpt from another piece posted at AND Magazine that documents who and what groups are funding these efforts:

What these groups want is not reform. They use phrases like “black lives matter” and “justice” in a deliberate effort to make themselves less threatening and to lull the population as a whole to sleep. This is intentional and a time-honored tradition amongst radical leftist organizations.

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