"VA's role in migrant medical care draws scrutiny from advocates as border crisis intensifies"

That was the headline earlier this week for a story posted by Fox News about how the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is helping to process claims for illegal aliens coming across our southern border.

We got a chance to catch up with Chris Enget of Concerned Veterans for America-Montana for more on that story.

Aaron Flint: What's the story here when it comes to the VA, supporting and processing claims for illegal aliens even though it's still hard to get all the claims processed for our own American Veterans?

Chris Enget: Really what we're facing here is we have veterans who have made incredible sacrifices for our country- we're facing barriers to accessing that community care that we've earned while these migrants and those that are seeking asylum are being offered this healthcare option through the VA. And it's happening very, very quickly for them. And right now, the VA is processing claims for these unauthorized migrants while there are over 300,000 backlog claims in the VA pipeline of veterans that are not being processed and potentially harming 1000s of veterans by delaying this health care.

Enget called out the VA bureaucracy for prioritizing the health care needs of others before taking care of our heroes.

Chris Enget: Veterans fought for every American and Congress needs to fight for them.



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