We got a great phone call from a woman in Bozeman, Montana last Spring. She called in to our radio show with an admittedly strong accent. She grew up in the Soviet Union, and she said that the anti-American propaganda she saw when growing up in the USSR is the same anti-American propaganda coming out of the mainstream media and the Democrat party.

Anna said she was inspired to call in and speak out against Critical Race Theory and what was being debated in the Bozeman public schools. Why would we allow this type of anti-American propaganda to be taught in our schools? she asked.

We did our radio show from The GranTree Inn in Bozeman on Friday morning, and had the great pleasure of getting to meet Anna in person. Most days on the talk show, we open up the phone lines for listeners. When we take the show on the road- we open up the microphones to folks who want to come down and join us on the radio. Thankfully, Anna stepped up to the mic and talked more about how what she saw growing up in the USSR is now happening in the USA.

Anna: The regular people basically had no right, had no legal representation at all. And what we see now in America with all army of lawyers all over. If somebody will decide to sue over flowers or over cake, there will be army of lawyers to represent them. If somebody wants to sue because of their own pronouns, they will have armies of lawyers to represent him.

Anna also talked about the COVID hysteria embracing the country and why she is opposed to forcing kids to wear masks in school.

Anna: This is just coercion to submission. Coercion to obedience. And this is why it's so important because this is how old fashion dictatorships act, with group punishment, with fear, with envy, with hatred.

Click below for the audio from our podcast page:

Anna also spoke in support of Stand Up Montana which is fighting mask mandates in schools.



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